Jennifer Lopez Unwinds in a Tattered Bridal Gown on the Set of Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Busy lady: She looked every bit the stunner despite her tattered, blood covered gown, and distressed combat boots

In a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Jennifer Lopez’s latest movie, “Shotgun Wedding,” the superstar was recently spotted unwinding in a somewhat unconventional fashion. In the lush landscapes of the Dominican Republic, where the movie is being filmed, Jennifer found serenity by her ‘favorite lagoon.’

Set life: In another shot she was seen kicking her feet back in a chair and softly closing her eyes, with one of her many sparkling cups beside her

What caught everyone’s eye was Jennifer’s attire – a tattered bridal gown. Relaxing in the picturesque surroundings, she rocked the distressed bridal look, embracing the character she portrays in the film.

The images captured on set showcase a unique blend of elegance and raw beauty. Jennifer, despite the weathered bridal attire, looked stunning, reminding us all why she’s considered one of the most glamorous and versatile stars in Hollywood.

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