Exclusive Photos: Gal Gadot shines as the iconic Amazon warrior in a sultry corset and stunning ombre skirt, shooting action-packed scenes alongside Chris Pine on a hidden Italian coastal set.

Gal Gadot has solidified her role as the ideal Wonder Woman in the upcoming film as she was captured filming scenes on an Italian beach. The 30-year-old actress was seen getting ready to film action sequences at a undisclosed location, accompanied by fellow Hollywood star Chris Pine. She looked stunning in a gold one-shoulder corset top paired with a delicate chiffon mini skirt and eye-catching gladiator sandals. Watch the video below to see more.

Power to her: Gal Gadot proved she is the perfect choice to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie when she was pictured filming action scenes for the 2017 movie on an Italian beach on Thursday

Having a giggle: Looking every inch the silver screen goddess, she dazzled in a gold one-shoulder corset top which was teamed with a flimsy chiffon mini skirt and statement gladiator sandals

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman in the upcoming 2017 movie was solidified as she displayed her action prowess while filming on an Italian beach. Sporting large metal cuffs on her arms and her hair styled in a simple ponytail, she embodied the iconic heroine effortlessly. Alongside co-star Chris, she waded into the sea during the action-packed scenes, with Gal nonchalantly going barefoot beside her handsome counterpart. In moments between filming, a dedicated hair and make-up artist ensured that Gal’s golden skin was fresh and camera-ready.

Love interest? The action heroine filmed scenes with co-star Chris Pine who was decked out in military-style attire 

Romantic involvement? The female protagonist shot scenes alongside her on-screen partner Chris Pine, who was dressed in a sharp military outfit.

Getting along nicely: The pair's costumes complemented one another's as the cameras continued to film

Handsome: Chris cut a handsome figure as he stood tall in his khaki gear

Getting along swimmingly: The duo’s outfits perfectly matched each other as they were captured on camera.

It's no easy job: The pair got rather wet as they filmed scenes in the ocean for the highly-anticipated film

It was quite a challenge: The duo ended up getting soaked while shooting scenes in the sea for the long-awaited movie.

Don't leave me: She looked as though she was trying to revive her co-star following an accident

Doing her thing: She carefully caressed his body as she made sure he was OK.

Please don’t go: She appeared to be working hard to bring her co-star back to life after an accident. Additionally, there was a moment when she couldn’t help but laugh as someone poured water over her from a bright orange container, ensuring that she stayed wet for consistency as she dried off too fast in the sun. In later scenes, she could be seen with beautifully styled curly hair while chatting with another actor who was sitting on a horse. Wonder Woman narrates the tale of an Amazon princess who ventures out from her secluded island to discover the world, eventually emerging as one of its most prominent female champions.

Making waves: The star whipped off her shoes as she got stuck into her scene and tended to her co-star while moving him back to dry land

Causing a stir: The celebrity quickly kicked off her shoes as she dove into her role, helping her on-screen partner back to safety on land.

One second, please: Gal was regularly doused with water to make sure she continued to look like she had just stepped out of the water, despite the sunshine drying her off 

Super star: In between takes, the beautiful star was tended to by a hair and make-up stylist, who spritz and dabbed her golden skin to make sure it was camera ready

Hold on a moment: Gal was frequently splashed with water to maintain her fresh-from-the-water look, even as the sun threatened to dry her out.

Having a blast: Gal broke out some jokey moves in between takes as she showed that she was really enjoying the day

Having a great time: Gal entertained the crew with some funny dance moves during breaks, proving that she was thoroughly enjoying herself on set.

Golden girl: At points, she looked a little pensive as she no doubt got into character while walking along the shoreline

The gorgeous actress seemed lost in thought as she strolled along the shore, likely getting into character for her role as Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot recently debuted as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, alongside Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. A photo was released Monday by Entertainment Weekly, showing Gal Gadot with her co-stars Loven Kongsli, Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright in preparation for their upcoming 2017 spinoff.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, known for the movie Monster, this rare female-led superhero film is generating a lot of excitement. Even the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, expressed her approval of the new incarnation, saying, “I think it’s time. It’s cool, it’s very cool. It just adds to the charm and the legend.”

Recently, the beautiful Gal shared her optimism about the impact of her role as Wonder Woman. She expressed her hope that the character will continue to be meaningful for people. As a mother to her four-year-old daughter, Alma, Gal feels a sense of pride in portraying a strong, female role model. She mentioned an adorable moment when Alma visited her on set and mistook her Wonder Woman costume for a princess outfit, sparking a cute conversation about royalty. This interaction with Alma made Gal appreciate the importance of her role even more, as she wants to inspire young girls to see themselves as brave and capable like Wonder Woman.

Getting the light just right: Mother-of-one Gal and Chris looked every inch the true professionals as they went through the motions

Perfecting the ideal lighting: Gal and Chris, parents to a young child, appeared to be seasoned experts as they carefully adjusted the lighting for their project.

Moving on: Further scenes saw her sporting perfectly styled curly hair as she talked to a fellow co-star who sat upon a horse

Continuing on: In later scenes, she rocked flawless curls while chatting with another actor who was seated on a horse.

Troubled times: A battle scene ensues as a group of soldiers appear to attack them 

In a time of crisis, chaos erupts as a squad of warriors suddenly launches an assault on them.

Scary times: The soldiers wielded their guns in Wonder Woman's direction as they walked along the sand

Nerve-wracking moments: The soldiers held their weapons pointed at Wonder Woman while strolling along the sandy beach.

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